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With the increasing complexity and volume of legislative amendments in South Africa, interpreting legislation has become more difficult than ever. For business, it’s a constant challenge to stay abreast of frequent regulatory
changes and to ensure your sources are accurate and up-to-date.

LexisNexis had been trusted by professionals for years to provide quick, accurate and precise tax and finance information. With Lexis Library, our online research and information tool will keep you abreast of tax changes, rate adjustments and more, with daily update services (Tax Alert and Income Tax Reporter).

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Tax and Finance content that's current and online

We’ve compiled a selection of Tax and Finance titles, available on Lexis Library,
that we think are most applicable to your daily role. Please get in touch to find our more about
full selection of Tax and Finance content on Lexis Library, and our other related solutions

Tax and Finance

Take just the essentials:
South African Income Tax Guide
Deloitte Vat Handbook
Concise Guide to Employee Taxation

Add to your selection with more in-depth or subject specific content:
Payroll Administrators Manual
Income Tax in South Africa Commentary
Essentials of Retirement Fund Management
SA Money Laundering and Terror Financing
Taxation of Employees
Legal Aspects of Financing Corporates

Get regular alerts on changes in Tax:
Tax Alert

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