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Lexis Library user tips

For ease of navigation and to achieve the best result from your legal search, follow these Lexis Library usage tips.

Navigating Lexis Library's new Table of Contents

For quick tips on how to navigate with new TOC, take a tour
Download the quick reference guide here.

Navigating to Amlers Online

If you are navigating the Lexis Library Table of Contents by Content Types, you will find Almer’s located under Pleadings. If you are navigating by Research Area, simply go to the Research Area you require information for, and if there is content available you will find it located under the Pleadings drop down. View here.

How do I view multiple sections at the same time?

When using the Content Type: Table of Contents, you are able to create a view of different sections of text on one document. This comes in handy if you would like to view a copy of the Precedent Summary followed by the Sample Precedent on one following document.
To do this, simply select the sections you would like to combine and click on the “View Section” icon. This can then be easily downloaded or emailed to yourself or colleagues for viewing later.


How do I download templates from Amler’s?

Download our precedent templates and edit according to your needs.
Our templates are designed with automatic formatting and numbering so you can edit the documents without having to worry about its design.


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