Fingerprint Capture
Where it suits you. When it suits you.

The Lexis RefCheck Fingerprint Hub is our new fingerprint capture network that provides over 50 convenient
fingerprint capture stations nationwide. We understand that technology has moved boundaries and hiring decisions aren’t made in only one place. That’s why we have extended our network, giving you the opportunity to have your candidate’s fingerprints captured for criminal check purposes where it suits you, when it suits you.

How it works?


Your candidate will receive an email confirmation where to go and at what time with a unique reference number. Once the candidate’s fingerprints have been captured at the Fingerprint Hub chosen, you will be notified that the fingerprints are now ready to be attached to your application and released.

How much does it cost?

The Lexis RefCheck Fingerprint Hub carries a capture service fee charged only when the fingerprints are fully captured and uploaded to our database. Thereafter, your current Criminal Illicit Check Price will apply once your application is submitted.


Consent for each candidate must accompany the Fingerprint Capture Booking. This can be done using our new electronic consent solution, uploaded manually or capture requested by the fingerprint capture station.

If you would like to find out more about our Lexis RefCheck Fingerprint Hub, you may contact our support team at or call 0861 005 676