Credit Disputes

LexisNexis Risk Management (Pty) Ltd is a reseller of credit bureau information and cannot change the data reflected on credit reports. If there are any data inaccuracies on a credit bureau report, it is necessary to contact the appropriate credit bureau and lodge a dispute.

To lodge a dispute with TransUnion

Call 0861 886 466 or see TransUnion’s website on how to dispute an item on your credit report.

To lodge a dispute with Experian

Call 0861 10 56 65 or email See Experian’s website for more details on their Consumer dispute process.

To lodge a dispute with Compuscan

Consumers can log disputes on Compuscan’s website,, or by calling their call centre on 0861 51 41 31.

You will be required to send Compuscan the following:

  • A copy of your ID
  • Your reason for logging the dispute
  • If you are disputing a judgment or admin order, they will need a recession document

Once you have logged your dispute, Compuscan will investigate the matter with the relevant credit provider. Once they have received feedback, they will update and resolve the dispute and you will be contacted once the dispute has been resolved. Please note that as per the National Credit Act, they have 20 business days to resolve the dispute.

For more information on disputes, visit Compuscan’s disputes page.

To lodge a dispute with XDS

Consumers can log disputes by calling their Call centre on 0860 937 000.

A Call Centre Agent will authenticate the individual calling and provide a Dispute form to complete.  The process takes up to 20 working days to resolve.

Credit Ombud

If you’ve tried to resolve your complaint with the credit bureau concerned and you are still unhappy with the outcome or don’t get a response to your complaint within 20 working days, you can approach the Credit Ombud.

To lodge a complaint with the Credit Ombud: Call 0861 66 2827, or complete a complaint form online at