Qualification Verifications

It is vital to ensure you candidate has the qualifications listed on his/her CV. Let Lexis RefCheck confirm the qualification directly with the source to ensure you can make your hiring decision with confidence.

We conduct verifications on secondary, tertiary and short course qualifications, as well as verifications both locally and globally.

Matric Qualifications

Verify Matric qualifications held by the individual through both the Department of Education (Pre 1992) and Umalusi (Post 1992)

  • Umalusi is the statutory body responsible for the issuing and verification of all post 1992 Senior Certificates. Lexis RefCheck is fully integrated with Umalusi in order to ensure the fast and efficient processing of all Umalusi related verifications.

The following Certifications are also verified Umalusi on Lexis RefCheck:

  • Subject statement: Senior certificate (G12)
  • Subject statement: National Senior Certificate (new NSC from 200811)
  • Certificate: National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4 [NC(V)]
  • Subject certificate: National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4 [NC(V)]
  • Certificate: Technical college N3/NSC
  • Subject statement: Technical college N3/NSC
  • Certificate: GETC (ABET Level 4)
  • Learning area certificate: GETC (ABET Level 4)

All Pre-1992 Matric Qualification verifications are requested from the Department of Education.

Verification can only be performed using a copy of the matric certificate.

Tertiary Qualifications

Confirm tertiary and secondary academic qualifications held by the individual from registered local & global institutions.

Through our long working history, we have established a number of strong relationships with institutions around the country and abroad.

LexisNexis makes use of two electronic suppliers for verifications of tertiary qualifications. Certain universities have made agreements with these electronic suppliers to maintain and manage verifications within their databases. Should an institution not subscribe to one of the electronic suppliers, we will go directly to the institution for verification.