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Did you know that electronic signatures can be used in Conveyancing? By embracing e-signatures, today’s digitally-geared firms are revolutionising the way they do business, improving productivity and enhancing their client experience. Are you one of them?

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E-Signatures and Conveyancing

The ECT Act (Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002) makes provision for these documents to be signed electronically in the transfer of immovable property.

  • Instruction to register transfer
  • Affidavits by sellers and purchasers
  • FICA affidavit
  • SARS Transfer Duty Receipt
  • Instruction to Invest

Lexis® Sign

The fastest way to get a signature

Stop holding up your transfers waiting for signatures! Lexis Sign makes it quick and convenient for all parties to sign documents. No more printing, signing and scanning. No more illegible documents after multiple scans. Get clear and fully-compliant documents finalised faster than ever before.


As provided for in the ECT Act for use in normal course of events. Easy to use, safe, secure with strong evidence secured.

Advanced Electronic Signature

Specific type of electronic signature as defined by the ECT Act. Includes a face-to-face identity verification for first use. Must be used where the law explicitly requires signatures.

Your Firm & Lexis Sign

Use electronic signatures throughout your firm:

  • Conveyancing
  • Litigation
  • Internal Operations and Financials
  • Director and Board Resolutions
  • Debt Collection
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