Free 30 Day Access to
Lexis Sign

At LexisNexis South Africa, we understand that it’s not business as usual right now, making it difficult to complete certain business processes such as the signing of contracts and other important documents. That’s why we’re giving you FREE access to the Lexis Sign e-signature solution for a period of 30 days.

Lexis Sign is a firmly established LexisNexis digital signing platform that allows users to upload any PDF document to be signed and eliminates the need to print, sign, scan and email through a simple, secure entirely web-based platform. It’s quick and easy to use, enabling documents to be signed anywhere, any time and on any device. One of the first digital signature platforms in the country, Lexis Sign offers international standard digital signatures (for local and international use) built on the foundations of South African legislation, as underpinned by the ECT Act.