Lexis® Practical Guidance: Immigration Law

Why Lexis® Practical Guidance: Immigration Law?

Lexis® Practical Guidance Immigration is a comprehensive web-based solution that covers the up-to-date information, resources and guidance that immigration attorneys, HR professionals and travel consultants need to successfully deal with South African immigration matters.

Clear directives are provided on immigration processes, practices and law that include the issues, obligations and offences relating to immigration, visa applications, working, retiring and studying in South Africa, citizenship, permanent residency and even refugee status in South Africa. Users also have convenient access to various resources that include official downloadable forms, applications, checklists and sample letters.

With Lexis® Practical Guidance: Immigration Law you get:

Convenient online access to:
  • More than 150 Guidance Notes within 47 Topics
  • Over 110 forms, precedents and checklists – ensuring not a single step is missed
  • Legislation & Case Law – access to relevant cases at the click of a button
  • Practice Directives – know what the procedure is in different courts
  • Over 50 other useful resources such as flowcharts, external websites and additional readings
Guidance on each step taken in Immigration Law:
  • Immigration regulations
  • South African visa requirements
  • An application for a general work visa
  • The application process for a study visa
  • Passport and travel document requirements
  • The application process for permanent residency
  • How would a person renew their immigration status
  • Undesirable persons
  • The Immigration Act
  • Illegal foreign nationals
  • Refugee status South Africa
  • The procedure for admission to South Africa
  • The sources of immigration law
  • Departing South Africa with a valid visa
  • Criminal offences and civil penalties for employers

Guidance Notes

Useful reference material that offers direct access to relevant case law, legislation and commentary works, and practical know-how on specific areas within Immigration Law.
A few key guidance notes are outlined below. The full list can be viewed in the complete table of contents.

Application for a General Work Visa

This guidance note discusses what a genera work visa is and how a person will go about applying for one. It comprehensively covers:

  • the process and submission of the application;
  • the process for renewal; and
  • the process after the visa has been issued.

It also provides resources that assist the application process, such as a Sample Letter – General work Visa Without a Waiver. This letter is a template into which an employer simply inserts the details of the employee who has applied for a general work visa. It includes all the required content that must be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs for the processing of the application.

Passport and Travel Document Requirements

This guidance note deals with the common issues that applicants experience when applying for a South African visa. It discusses both South African and foreign passports as well as other travel documents that can be used when entering and exiting South Africa.

It also provides users with resources such as the DHA 73 Form – Application for a South African passport or travel document. This is an application form which is required to be completed as part of the application, and also indicates which documents must be added for completion.

Application Process for Permanent Residency

This guidance note details the steps involved in preparing a permanent residence application for submission, the submission procedure and the steps to be taken once the permanent residence is issued.
It also provides users with resources such the Online Registration and Application Steps – which outlines the steps involved in the online registration and application process.

Practical Aids

Precedents, checklists and forms that can be used to offer advice confidently and execute tasks accurately.
A few key resources are listed below. The full list can be viewed in the complete table of contents.

  • Form 18 - Application for permanent residence permit
    - Assists in the application for a permanent residence permit.
    - Explains how to complete the form and what documents must be included.
  • Handbook and guidelines on procedures and criteria for determining refugee status
    - Provides the relevant guidelines in determining refugee status in terms of the 1951 Convention and the 1967 protocol relating to the status of refugees.
  • Passport and ID photograph specifications
    - Explains the specific photograph requirements for a passport or ID.
    - An incorrect photograph will result in the application being refused.
  • Diagram of temporary residence visa errors
  • Gazette Notice No. 562 of 15 July 2014
  • Online registration and application steps
    - Outlines the steps involved in the online registration and application process.
    - Provides guidance on how to complete the online registration and application process.
  • General work visa document checklist
    - A complete checklist of all the relevant information and documents required for the work visa.


Fragomens Africa

Experienced South Africa immigration professionals who develop strategies to help meet inbound immigration needs and manage regional or global immigration programs. Fragomen Africa prepares casework for South Africa and many other jurisdictions in Sub-Saharan Africa and focuses exclusively on providing immigration services, offering the most comprehensive immigration solution available in the African region.

Owen Davies

Owen Davies was previously a Partner in private legal practice, focused in the field of immigration law, as well as a Director of Government Strategies and Compliance in the Johannesburg office of Fragomen Africa (Pty) Ltd. Owen has an accumulated knowledge in advising governments on immigration law, practice and policy and has successfully assisted global and international corporations develop and implement corporate immigration strategy into South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lisa Gregory

BA (University of Arizona) Juris Doctor (University of Arizona) Master of Laws (University of Arizona)

A partner at Fragomens Africa with more than 19 years of corporate immigration experience, Lisa Gregory provides assistance to large multinational Fortune 500 companies in Africa and globally. During her tenure with Fragomen, Lisa worked as a Global Client Services Manager in the firm's Global Immigration Practice, where she assisted large multinational clients with designing and implementing immigration programmes and creating operational efficiencies that improve processes and minimise client expenditures.

Khehla Miya

University) Advanced Management Development Programme (University of Pretoria) MSc Development Management)

Khehla Miya is a Senior Manager based in the Johannesburg office of Fragomen Africa (Pty) Ltd. Khehla has a wealth of knowledge in advising governments on immigration law, practice and policy, in handling consular applications, document procurement and legalisations across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Johannes Tiba

Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Education (University of Vista) BA (University of Vista) BA Hons (University of Pretoria) Master in Public Management & Development (North-West University)

Johannes Tiba has extensive knowledge in the implementation of South Africa immigration law and also in other civic laws administered by the Department of Home Affairs. Johannes is a Senior Manager based in the Johannesburg office of Fragomen Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Renzo Driussi

Renzo Driussi is a Senior Advisor of Marketing and Corporate Compliance based in the Johannesburg office of Fragomen Africa (Pty) Ltd. Renzo's role and key focus area is to develop, establish and maintain marketing strategies to meet organisational objectives for the office and the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Alexia Prior

Alexia Prior is a Senior Client Services Advisor based in the Johannesburg office of Fragomen Africa (Pty) Ltd. Prior to joining Fragomen, Alexia provided strategic advice on the Immigration Act and prepared appropriate South African work permit applications for nominated client accounts.

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