Lexis® Practical Guidance: Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law

Practical Guidance Insolvency Law provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on the application processes, requirements and procedures as set out in the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936. Users are supported from the preliminary steps including the types of sequestration and liquidation, drafting the applications, and offences, which a party may encounter. Practical Guidance Insolvency Law covers the essential information and easy-to use resources needed to effectively and efficiently deal with insolvency legal matters in South Africa.

  • Compulsory sequestrations
  • Voluntary surrender and friendly sequestrations
  • Winding-up by court and voluntarily
  • Provisional and final Liquidators
  • Liquidation and distribution account
  • How to enter into business rescue
  • The business rescue plan
  • Post-commencement financing and ranking of claims
  • Criminal offences applicable to Insolvency Law
  • Cross border insolvency
  • More than 30 Topics
  • Over 80 Guidance Notes
  • In excess of 40 Forms, Precedents and Checklists
  • Up-to-date Legislation & Case Law
  • Commentary references
  • Other Useful Resources such as flowcharts, external websites and additional readings
  • Notice of inability to pay debts
  • Draft winding up order
  • Notice of surrender of a debtor's estate
  • Form 19 – Form of security under rule 45(5)
  • Statement of Affairs template
  • Notice of motion template for sequestration application
  • Notice of motion to set aside vote
  • Notice of motion and founding affidavit for application for rehabilitation
  • Final liquidation application
  • Notice of motion to set aside a voidable disposition