Lexis® Practical Guidance: Intellectual Property

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Practical Guidance Intellectual  Property Law is an online reference tool  and resource that conveniently covers the legal aspects relating to creations  of the intellect. From traditional types of intellectual property such as,  trademarks, copyright, patents and designs to more unique types such as plant  breeders' rights and domain names. This practice area covers the relevant Acts  that deal with Intellectual  Property Law and provides the relevant guidance, resources and  information that a party might require.

  • Understanding intellectual property
  • Application and registration process of trade marks
  • Protection for well-known trade marks
  • Enforcement
  • Rectification of the trademarks register
  • Permitted use and transfer of a trade mark
  • Offences under the trade marks act
  • Treaties and conventions
  • Works protected by copyright
  • Infringement of copyright
  • Assignment and licensing of copyright
  • International copyright
  • Films and performers rights
  • More than 30 Topics and 90 Guidance Notes
  • Over 90 forms, precedents and checklists – ensuring not a single step is missed
  • Legislation & Case Law – access to relevant cases at the click of a button
  • Practice Directives – know what the procedure is in different courts
  • Over 50 other useful resources such as flowcharts, external websites and additional readings
  • Procedure to file a trade mark
  • Checklist for a licence agreement
  • Application for a patent and acknowledgement of receipt
  • Register of patents
  • Due diligence checklist
  • Sample clause
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Deed of security
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Franchise agreement
  • Sale of business agreement
  • Joint venture agreement to form a company to make use of intellectual property owned by the other party