Procurement under the spotlight.

In Sub-Saharan Africa an estimated 15% of GDP is spent on public procurement which has become the Achilles’ heel of state affairs. Now more than ever, corruption is putting lives at risk, stretching state and business resources to the limit. The role of the Chief Procurement Officer has shifted to managing supply risks and preserving cash to ensure business continuity.

Need help managing your procurement processes and ensuring compliance?

We can help to ensure that emergency, online or e-procurement of supplies and services contribute to good governance and meet legislative requirements. Manage reputational risk and ensure accountability with a comprehensive procurement risk solution. Get access to practical guides from vendor vetting and onboarding, to contracts, tender notice templates, asset disposal registers and declarations certificates. Establish and implement an effective procurement process, using procurement software and data that helps to prevent conflicts of interest, tender fraud and ensures compliance with the law.

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    The recent instruction by National Treasury to all government departments to halt the emergency procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) has once again highlighted the need for the urgent review and modernisation of the public procurement system.
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unexpected and emergency procurement of good and services. On a global basis this procurement has stretched public and private sector resources and put procurement under the spotlight.


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