Highlight hidden risk and conflict of interest

Effective procurement management with Lexis ProcureCheck

Ongoing monitoring of procurement processes such as vetting, supply chain audits and supplier management is crucial to the success of any organisation looking to succeed in the new normal of South African business.

However, COVID-19 related factors such as the need to work remotely, reduced staff numbers and a sharp increase in financial crime have made managing procurement within organisations more challenging than ever.

Leveraging LexisNexis' ability to develop quality, information-driven systems, LEXIS PROCURECHECK is your digital solution to the challenges of procurement management. Designed for the South African market, it uses advanced technology, multiple databases and cross matching to highlight any conflicts of interest that exist in your procurement environment.

Effortlessly conduct procurement vetting

  • Work remotely from any location, avoiding direct contact while staying in touch and up to date
  • Keep a close watch on PEE fraud investigations, from company to individual level
  • Reduce your vetting team’s workload and reliance on a physical workforce
  • Conduct vendor vetting, identifying connections that pose a financial and reputational risk to your business, ensuring good governance and legal compliance
  • Confirm if your current vendors are still active, guarding against financial and reputational risk
  • Create and manage restricted lists to mitigate fraud and corruption concerns
  • Access additional data sources not included in most procurement processes
  • See an overall view of your company’s vendor compliance status at any point in time

Cost-effective and easy to use, Lexis ProcureCheck is the online solution for any organisation with large volumes of vendors and employees that they need to monitor and manage.

Save time and money while more effectively mitigating risks to your procurement processes – get Lexis ProcureCheck today.

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