LexisNexis Online Property Platforms

The Property Market has changed. Shouldn’t your Property Business?

With deals on the table in a world of remote working, property professionals such as estate agents and conveyancers have had to change the ways in which they conduct their business. The result? A significant shift towards online interactions, including client meetings conducted via video, sharing documentation electronically with shareholders, collaborating through secure online conveyancing systems and making use of reliable monitoring and reporting apps. The truth is that a move online has made conducting property work easier, safer and more efficient than ever. And it’s thriving.

Conveyancers, Municipality, Bank or Property Professional, here is a place for you to get the latest information on online legal tools that can move you forward.


Lexis Convey

  • Facilitates streamlining conveyancing, rates clearance and deeds  processing activities
  • Produces Attorney documents for the property transfer process
  • Enables users to create and manage conveyancing matters
  • Capture data required by banks and other industry role players
  • Generates reports and assist with ensuring the firm runs  smoothly and efficiently

Lexis WinDeed

  • Fast and reliable access to South Africa’s major registration  offices, Deeds Office, CIPC and leading Credit Bureaus
  • Preferred information solution for Law Firms, Estate Agencies,  Municipalities, Credit Bureaus, Banks, Valuers, Surveyors, Conveyancers,  Researchers and other professionals

Lexis Rates Clearance

  • Innovative, paperless, online solution that assists  Municipalities in processing and issuing accurate rates clearance figures and  certificates using a secure and trusted electronic environment.
  • Streamlines communication between Municipalities and Attorneys
  • Municipalities will achieve increased revenue and decreased  costs
  • Over 90 Councils are currently live on Lexis RatesClearance

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