Corporate Governace in the time of COVID-19

25 August 2020 10:00


Does your senior management team have the skills and resources to lead your organisation to success in the current and emerging economic climate? Do they understand the importance of leading with sustainability, corporate citizenship and stakeholder inclusivity at the forefront of their decision-making processes?

Join corporate governance and sustainability expert Cathie Lewis as she unpacks a practical approach to the roles and responsibilities that key decision makers need to play in creating sustainability for their organisations during and post COVID-19. Attention will be paid to how leadership teams can play an important part in rebuilding the economy and ensuring organisational success through the enforcement and proper understanding of corporate governance within their organisations.

The webinar will cover:

  • Corporate governance and the implementation of the King IV report
  • How South African corporates are responding to COVID-19
  • Actions individual leaders and managers can take in response to COVID-19, including fiduciary duties and remote working practices
  • How organisations can support management in ensuring responsible leadership and a responsive company culture
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