Merilyn Kader

Legal Editor at LexisNexis

Merilyn Kader joined LexisNexis from practice as an attorney and has a Compliance Management certification. She manages the All South African Reports and the Constitutional Law Reports.

“Reading the latest, ground-breaking cases keeps me in the loop as our law evolves," says Merilyn.

"The work requires attention to detail, from the summary of the case to careful extraction of statutes and referenced cases - delving into the case word for word, scrutinizing and analyzing the law and the language used.

We don't simply publish books - we see our work as a duty to the law, the Judiciary, legal practitioners, prosecutors and law students. Our drive is to select the best possible cases, because they will form part of this country's permanent record and be referred to for many years to come. The accuracy of our work is paramount, so that the cases can be relied on in legal matters all over the country.”

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