Background screening providers

12 July 2019 09:30

Employee background screening is highly valuable in the recruitment process as it assists with the identification of red flags such as criminal behaviour, unverified qualifications, fabricated experience and other CV embellishments.

Its ability to deliver transparency is what recruiters need to make informed decisions during the hiring process, which is why the right support and tools are necessary, as is selecting the right service provider.

Rudi Kruger, General Manager of LexisNexis Data Services, offers the following pointers for choosing a background screening partner for your business:

Service offering: Choose the background check service provider that is reputable and meets the specific needs of your business. Different industries and jobs have different needs, therefore aim to work with a provider that offers adaptable solutions. “It is important to also evaluate the quality of the product and its capabilities. Do your research to establish if the product is user-friendly, customer orientated, easily accessible, affordable and backed by a good customer service,” said Kruger.

Accuracy: Assess a provider’s ability to deliver accurate, factual and detailed findings. Does the provider produce detailed reports with results sourced from credible South African databases? Do they provide holistic reports that cover important checks on criminal records, credit history, qualifications and professional career information, ID verification, fraud listing, permits and licences, citizenship, FAIS comprehensive checks, amongst others?

Efficiency: Ensure your provider’s solution has the ability to produce results in a reasonable timeframe for each check you require without compromising on integrity.

Risk: Look for a provider that offers results that are up-to-date and compliant with all laws and regulations as this will protect your business from unnecessary legal risk. “Be sure to check that the provider is also legally compliant as a business,” advised Kruger.

Cost: Finally, consider the registration fees, monthly subscriptions and other hidden costs as this will determine whether the service fits within budget. “The ideal option is a service provider that offers a pay-as-you-go solution with users being charged only for the checks they submit,” said Kruger.

“With these considerations, finding the right background screening solution for your business need not be a difficult process,” said Kruger.

As a specialist in risk management, LexisNexis Data Services offers Lexis® RefCheck, a leading South African pre-employment and background screening solution that has redefined recruitment since launching in 2000. The online verification solution helps to automate the hiring process while ensuring a candidate meets a company’s employment standards. Lexis® RefCheck services include verification of tertiary and secondary academic qualifications held by the individual from registered local and international institutions; identity and South African citizenship validation; fraud history checks via the South African Fraud Prevention Services; credit history checks through detailed TransUnion and Experian credit bureau reports; criminal history check via AFISwitch (electronic fingerprint collection and processing); verification of local and international employment history and professional association membership; and matching of bank account against an identity number or registration number.

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