Chanté Botha

Law Content and Legal Citator Editor

Chanté Botha obtained her LLB from UKZN and since February 2018 has been a law content and Legal Citator Editor for LexisNexis. She was instrumental in the creation of Quantum: Non-patrimonial Loss, a first in data-driven case law. She has a keen interest in intellectual property law, cyber law and criminal law. She is passionate about community development and the integration of technology within our legal system.

Recent Posts

  • Technology will always win
    Legal practitioners are creatures of tradition and certainty. They prefer all rules to be codified and all legislation to be clear. They yearn for certainty and frown upon ambiguity within contracts, laws and especially legal proceedings. Thus there is a call for the codification of video conferencing, through video links, within the Uniform Rules of Court.[2]