Lexis® Practical Guidance: Corporate Governance

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Practical Guidance Corporate Governance is a how-to resource for legal advisors, company secretaries, risk managers and directors on how to comply with their statutory obligations and to ensure that corporate decisions are in line with best practice. Focusing on the practical issues relating to the Companies Act and the King IV Code on Corporate Governance, Practical Guidance Corporate Governance assists company secretaries in their day-to-day duties, and guides directors on their role within the company. This practice area provides all the need-to-know information, guidance and resources to deal with all governance related matters in South Africa.

  • Role and duties of board of directors
  • Liabilities and indemnifying directors and prescribed officers
  • Board code of conduct and code of ethics
  • Shareholder role, rights and representation
  • Shareholder protections and actions
  • Company secretarial "how to's"
  • Protection and disclosure of information
  • Takeover regulations
  • King IV code on corporate governance
  • The social, ethics and audit committees
  • Non-profit companies
  • Monitoring risk, compliance and whistle blowing
  • Financial reporting and auditing
  • Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
  • 43 Topic Overviews
  • Over 125 guidance notes, including practical process aids
  • Up-to-date judgements for reference
  • Over 130 customisable forms, precedents, checklists
  • Personal liability of directors
  • Guidelines on the standard expected of directors
  • Actions for which directors may not be indemnified
  • Examples of board powers that are commonly limited in the memorandum of incorporation
  • Table of fiduciary duties
  • How to determine whether a manager is a prescribed officer
  • List of shareholders’ potential exposure
  • Pointers for running an election of directors at shareholders meeting
  • CIPC guides and Practice notes
  • Table of company secretarial duties
  • Annual returns FAQs
  • Table of audit committee duties
  • Mandate of the social and ethics committee
  • Table of companies required to have annual financial statements audited
  • King IV principles and guidelines for the board of directors
  • Information requested in a due diligence process
  • How to process information lawfully Restrictions on non-profit companies