Lexis® Practical Guidance: Labour

Labour law

Practical Guidance Labour is a how-to resource for labour law practitioners, human resources professionals, in-house counsel, managers and employers of any business who wish to adhere to best practices and comply with legal standards dealing with Labour law matters. Suitable for practitioners representing employers or employees this practice area covers the recruitment process and start of an employment relationship to the disciplining and dismissal of employees, the health and safety in the work place and even managing a strike situation. This practice area provides all the need-to-know information, guidance and resources to deal with all labour related matters in South Africa.

  • The hiring of new applicants
  • National minimum wage in South Africa
  • Parental leave and how to apply for it
  • The minimum standards of employment
  • Unemployment, illness, adoption and maternity benefits
  • Specific offences relating to dismissal
  • How to conduct and chair a disciplinary enquiry
  • CCMA disputes, arbitrations and
    approaching the Labour Court
  • Trade unions and employer organisations
  • Strikes, lockouts and picketing
  • 38 Topic Overviews
  • Over 160 guidance notes, including practical process aids
  • Up-to-date judgements for reference
  • Over 200 customisable forms, precedents, checklists
  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Notice of Disciplinary enquiry
  • Notice to attend collective disciplinary enquiry
  • Notice of dismissal
  • Simple independent contract agreement
  • Employment contract - wage paid employees
  • Fixed term contract
  • Restraint of trade clause