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Whether you are conveyancing, litigating, leasing or evicting, our resources will guide you through the process. Up-to-date practical aids will ensure effective management of your conveyancing practice and will make all types of transfer drafting and lodging correct and thorough.

  • Acquiring rights in and to immovable property
  • The conveyancing process
  • Certificates of title
  • Mortgage bonds
  • The sectional title scheme
  • Transfer of sectional title units
  • Management of a sectional title scheme
  • Converting a share block to sectional title
  • The lease agreement
  • Estate Agents, Valuers and Property Rates
  • 31 Topics
  • More than 320 Guidance Notes
  • 216 Forms, Precedents and Checklists
  • Up-to-date Legislation & Case Law
  • Other Useful Resources such as flowcharts, external websites and additional readings
  • Time sharing sectional titles agreement
  • Deed of sale under the ALA 68 of 1981
  • Resolution authorising transfer of shares and resignation of seller
  • Mortgage of lease
  • Form KKK - cancellation of lost or destroyed bond
  • Template of consent to cancellation of mortgage bond (Form MM)
  • Special power of attorney to sell property
  • Specimen final accounts
  • Kustingsbrief
  • Commercial and residential lease agreements