Ian Dutton

Advocate of the High Court of the Republic of South Africa

He has practised as an attorney and advocate for 20 years, during which he developed a knowledge and interest in medical law. Ian discovered it to be intellectually challenging as it is a dynamic and complex area of the law. His professional interest developed to the point where he decided to do an LLM degree in Medical law and Ethics from the University of Edinburgh. The University has a long tradition of excellence in the medical field, and Ian wanted a firm theoretical foundation on which to base his future professional activities. He had the privilege of gaining valuable knowledge from his University studies, and combined with his legal experience, he is uniquely placed to make a meaningful contribution in this crucial field.

Ian is committed to the promotion and improvement of professional standards in the field of medical law through the provision of information, content and resources. He seeks to work closely with professional bodies; insurance and medical protection providers; healthcare organisations; and the State with the aim of promoting professional excellence in the medico-legal sphere.

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