Jonty Leon

Legal Manager (Expatriate Tax) at Tax Consulting SA

Jonty Leon holds an LLB law degree and has 8 years of legal experience in various aspects of South African and international law and is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa with both practical litigation and consulting experience.

He has worked in law firms focusing on dealing with litigation and contractual disputes but has moved from the pure practice of law to the consulting industry and has entrenched himself within tax law, specifically dealing with the elements of tax residency and solutions in and around this area.

Jonty joined Tax Consulting SA after developing a budding career in litigation and dispute resolution to focus on tax law and the intricacies thereof. He also recently travelled around the world, after co-authoring the LexisNexis Expatriate Tax textbook, to present on the topic and address concerns of South Africans living and working abroad.

He holds the position of Legal Manager (Expatriate Tax) at Tax Consulting SA and assists with in house legal responsibilities for Tax Consulting and their subsidiaries.

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