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  • Enforcing the COVID-19 lockdown with drones
    Some countries seeking to enforce a coronavirus lockdown have considered the use of drones manned with loudspeakers and cameras to assist law enforcement officials impose the lockdown. The Financial Times recently reported that a police department in California plans to use two large drones for these purposes.
  • Human Rights during a state of Emergency
    The effect of a national disaster on human rights - The effect of the state of national disaster is to limit certain rights of all persons within the borders of South Africa as long as the limitation is justifiable in terms of the Constitution. It is therefore necessary to limit certain rights, e.g. the right to freedom of movement and residence to protect all persons. This amounts to a very careful balancing act in order to determine which rights should be limited for the greater good.
  • Public Procurement
    Covid-19: Public Procurement in the time of Covid-19 - An exposition of emergency procurement procedures governing the facilitation of emergency procurement; and combatting the avoidance of supply chain management system abuse in dealing with the disaster.  
  • COVID-19: Law in a time of lockdown
    While lawyers continue to provide advice, consulting and commercial services, the directives issued in terms of the Disaster Management Act will have a profound effect on some litigious matters and the way matters are handled in court, as they will restrict and limit access to courts and judicial functions.
  • Covid-19: To quarantine or not to quarantine citizens
    Desperate times call for desperate measures, as this analysis of the Regulations under which citizens, including medical doctors in some instances, can be compelled to be quarantined as distinct from being isolated, explains.
  • COVID-19: When is a Disaster a Disaster
    A comprehensive survey of the Covid-19 pandemic by Hennie Klopper in which he collates much of the facts and information on Covid-19  without attempting to necessarily create a strictly scientific basis for reviewing and solving the dilemma and problems that the pandemic has created. It is an exercise in appeasing a personal unease over the over-emphasis by the media and international governments of the pandemic and its projected effects and the manner that it is being dealt with.